If you visit Zanzibar but only stay on a resort beach, you’re missing a world of adventure! Pirates, merchants, and smugglers from around the world called Zanzibar home, and left their secrets on the island waiting for you to discover. Zanzibuggy tours offers high-octane excursions along the old smugglers’ routes around the northen tip of the island. Explore places that you could never access by car – hidden gems known only to locals. Their guides will take you off the beaten track to picturesque beaches away from the tourist crowds.
You will also observe traditional farming, boat building, and fishing techniques. Daily departures
Trip about 3 hours long.


All trips are led by an experienced guide and accompanied by a mechanic.
Each of the buggies is equipped with seatbelts, a roll cage, and a fire extinguisher.
The team is trained in Emergency First Response, and they carry a fully-equipped first aid kit on every tour.


Anyone wishing to drive a buggy must have a valid driver’s permit (valid driver’s license from any country)
Credit card for security deposit
Weather appropriate clothing