Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park or shorter – Jozani Forest is the only national park on Zanzibar. Quite small, only 50 km2 (19 sq mi) but a beautiful and tranquil place to visit! Jozani forest is a natural pharmacy, an amazing source of natural remedies! Every plant or tree cures something.

What is so beautiful about Jozani forest tour, that height of the trees and the palms are just outstanding!

Jozani is also famous for rare red Colobus monkeys and even harder to spot – Zanzibar Sykes’ monkey, a very rare monkey species unique to Zanzibar.

The forest also accommodates a large mangrove swamp and a tract of natural forest that is home to a few unique species including the Sykes monkey, bush babies, Ader’s duiker, over 50 species of butterfly and 40 species of birds.To protect the wildlife it is not permitted to walk off the paths without an official guide.

A network of various nature trails leads visitors through the forest. The main trail begins at the park entrance and takes about an hour at a leisurely stroll.

Our team recommendation:

Hiking shoes and outdoors clothing suitable for walking in the forest and muddy ground
Suitable for families & kids
Approx. 3 hours tour

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