Zanzibar is a part of United Republic of Tanzania.

Tanzanian currency is Tanzanian Shilling. First two things you have to know about money matters in Tanzania is that don’t bring travelers cheques with you, as they are not accepted anymore.

Dollars are widely accepted, sometimes even preferred over local currency. Euros are acceptable but not so much than dollars. Please note that the US dollars banknotes have to be issued after 2006.

In opposite case you will be refused at money exchange offices and will not be able to spend the money.

Paying with dollars is possible in all better establishments in Tanzania, from hostels to up market safari lodges including safari agencies.

As you will notice when doing research for Tanzania holidays, most of businesses quote prices in US Dollars. For local shopping and smaller expenses, like shopping on markets and local restaurants, bus tickets Tanzanian shillings are must to have in your wallet.

Prices in Dollars are oftentimes quoted higher than in Tanzanian Shillings, therefore is good to exchange the dollars to TSH. To exchange money in Forex office, you will have to show your passport. Forex offices have fair exchange rates.

Do not exchange money on the street.

Our team recommendations:
Bring dollars with you if you can Exchange money in Zanzibar city, upon arrival
You want find many ATM machines around the island and not every place accepts card payment, always carry cash with you.